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We will vps server setup, wordpress, php script, mysql, cronjob, SSL, security

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Basic Package: $160

Set Up VPS + Install Wordpress

Setup VPS + Install Wp + Connect Domain + SSL + PHP + MySQL + And other Necessary Server Settings.

Standard Package $220

Full VPS Setup + PHP Script MySQL

P1+ Https + Firewall. File Transfer. Good For Small or Medium Websites. Free SSL. Cron Jobs Setup.

Premium Package : $360

Move Migration or transfer to VPS

P2+ Move Your WP to VPS Server. SMTP Setup. Xtra Server Tweaks. File transfer. LSCache. Pro Security

............... About this Service ...............

Are you looking for a skilled professional to handle your VPS server setup and WordPress installation with precision and top-notch security? Look no further! We have over 10+ Years of experience along with SSL configuration and advanced security measures to ensure your website's safety.

VPS Setup: Set up a fresh VPS server, tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

WordPress Installation: Setup the latest version of WordPress on your server, ready for you to create and manage stunning websites.

PHP & MySQL Application: Configure PHP Script and MySQL applications to support your website's dynamic features and databases.

Cron Job Setup: Deploy Cron jobs to automate essential tasks and enhance your server's efficiency.

SSL Configuration: Your website's security is my priority. I'll configure SSL certificates with Auto-renew, Provide Huge yearly savings.

Advanced Security: I'll implement robust security measures to safeguard your server against potential threats and attacks.

We frequently work vps like:

Digitaloceanhostingercloudwaysaws EC2LightsailVultrracknerdLinodeHetznerupcloudOVHcontabo.